Addams Family Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of the Addams Family!  We are looking forward to working with you to create another fantastic Opera House Production.  Please contact our stage manager Caitlin O'Brien ASAP to accept (or decline) your role at 541-980-6501.  The participation fee for this production is $35 ($75 max per family.  Need-based scholarships available).  We will be posting a schedule on the "Actors Corners" of  

The Addams Family


Gomez Addams- Trevor Winder

Morticia Addams- Hayley Rampton

Wednesday Addams- Avalon Bloodgood

Pugsley Addams- Andrew Buckley

Grandma- Misty Hines

Fester Addams- Blake Rasmussen

Lurch- Wes Rampton


The Beineke Family

Mal Beineke- Brian Monger

Alice Beineke- Aubrey Slaughter

Lucas Beineke- Miguel Vasquez


Ancestors- Men

Conquistador- Danny Bailey

Gambler- Robbie Monger

“Shakespeare”- Jason Baldwin

WW1 Soldier- Dylan Fowler

Caveman- Russell Buckley

Sailor- Charlie Monger

Greaser- Jeremiah Dockweiler

Disco Dude- Hunter Adams

Mobster- Tony Carman

Prisoner- Ian Califf

Pirate- Daniel Corsini

Baseball Player- Nathan George

Newsie- Tavi Jacobson

“Alphalfa”- Connor Califf


Ancestors- Women

Ballerina (on pointè)- Alaina Watson

Saloon Girl- Gia Tognoli

Flapper- Madeline Hale

Bride- Jadelynn Harris

Flight Attendant- Charlotte Rieke

“Cleopatra”- Madeline Brieling

“Rosie The Riveter”- Abby Hale

Gypsy- Alyson Taylor

Indian- Emily Johnson
“Amelia Earheart” - Margaret Spence

“Punky Brewster”- Rose Gray

50’s Girl- Reagan Davis

Cheerleaders- Anna Buckley

                       Brandie McKay

                       Amber George

Beauty Queen- Olivia Strum

“Rockford Peach”- Karin Strum

Nurse- Celine Burke

Hippie- Maddie Strum

Pirate- Gabby Schaefer

Pilgrim- Leana Gray

Creepy Twins- Gwen Morris

                          Jay Baltzell

Nun- Alex Fuller

French Mime - Emily Carman

Cowgirl - Emalee Califf

Fly-rail Operator -  Jessica Baker

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