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Congratulations cast of School of Rock. We will be reaching out soon with dates for cast meetings and rehearsal dates and times. We are currently going through the conflict dates you put on your audition form to create a master schedule. Please reach out to Shelby Kealiher to accept or decline your role or to help with any questions you may have. Shelby Kealiher: Text 541-786-5949 email:

Dewey Finn - Trevor Winder

Rosalie Mullins - Aubrey Winder

Ned Schneebly - Chris Dennett

Patty Di Marco - Hayley Rampton

Summer Hathaway - Jane Zastrow

Zack Moonyham - Ely Murphey

Tomika - CeCe Curry

Larwence - Henry Wadner

Katie - Kaylie Davis

Freddie Hamilton - Ethan Zubrick

Marcy  - Fern McConnell

Shonelle - Lily Troutman

Mason - Austin Flick

Billy - Issac Morgan

James - Theo Smith

Sophie - Josie Flick

Madison - Becca Austin

Matthew - Hunter Austin

Britney - Lyla Davis

Sarah - Ali Sudbrock

No Vacancy

TheoBand Member TBA

DougBand Member TBA

BobBand Member TBA

SnakeBand Member TBA


Ms. Sanders - Shahayla Ononaiye

Ms. Gordon - Alicia McConnell

Ms. Sheinkopf - Stacy Shown

Gabe Brown - TBA

Ms. Green - Misty Hines

Mr. Noble - Bill Montee

Ms. Macapugay - Jadelynn Harris

Mr. WagnerTBA


Mr. Sandford - Russ Buckley

Moonyham - Christian Quinlin

Mrs Hathaway - Cherise Hilman

Ms William - Shelby

Ms Spencer - Caitlin

Jeff (Palace SM) - Ian/Zen Califf

Stanly (Deweys Boss) - Aidan Bork

Emo kids

Ryan Jacobs

Delaney Klinger

Lucille Morris

Madison Yencopal

Oli Gorham

Maddison Landa

Leah Harris

Tavi Jacobson

Siaira Anderson

Aiden Bork

Ian/Zen Califf

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