Congratulations Cast of High School Musical!
This is an incredibly talented group of actors from five Eastern Oregon Counties!
We are excited to work with all of you! With so many wonderful auditions, it made for some difficult casting choices. Rest assured, we will do our best to create a rewarding experience for each of you. 


Please take a moment and join the HSM cast Facebook Group. Here you will find links to the schedule and other announcements.

We will be scheduling Zoom rehearsals with Becky (our music director) and Abby (our Choreographer) ASAP. 

We have put you in groups based on the scenes you will be participating in.  You will rarely meet in-person with cast-members outside of your group. Reach out to our stage manager, Shelby, if you need us to consider a group change to accommodate carpooling. We may be able to make adjustments.

If you are not able to accept your role, please contact Shelby ASAP. 

Shelby can be reached at 541-786-5949 or email


Troy Bolton                   Hunter Adams

Gabriella Montez         Siaira Anderson

Sharpay Evans             Sarah Koza

Ryan Evans                   Tavi Jacobson

Kelsi Nielsen                 Kaylie Davis

Chad Danforth             Chase Murray

Zeke Baylor                   Atticus Tesch

Taylor McKessie           Kalina Gaslin

Ms. Darbus                   Misty Hines

Coach Bolton               Blake Rasmussen

Martha Cox                   Olivia Sturm

Moderator                    Cherise Wadner

Jack Scott                      Razvan Jacobson (Razi)

James                            Connor Califf

Susan                            Madeline Breiling

Kathy                             Madison Jane

Cyndra                          Ahria Fiscus

Ms. Tenny                    Laura Califf

KRATNOFF                   Adelaide Tesch

Custodian                    Gary Bottger


Evelynn Wadsworth

Emily Johnson

Ellie Morris

Sydney Shinsel

Abby Roulet

Abby Foust

Taylor Dearinger

Maddy Yencopal

Ahnica Shoemaker

Isabelle (Bella) Estrada

Victoria Morris

Kaelyn Shoemaker


Grace Wadsworth

Madeline Breiling

Grace Welch

Kaylie Davis

Ahria Fiscus

Razvan Jacobson (Razi)

Sawyer Shoemaker

Toryn Shoemaker

Maddie Landa

Jane Zastrow

Lyla Davis

Emalee Califf

Tavi Jacobson

Sarah Koza

Madison Jane


Miri Koltuv

Cecilia Villagomez Edvalson

Rose Gray

Megan Duffy

Olivia Sturm

Adelaide Tesch

Lorelai Tesch

Mackenzie Wigginton

Cara Alanis

Reese Koyle

Siaira Anderson
Madi Seydel

Jocks (Basketball Players)

Corbin Remington

Ian Califf

Aaden Bonanno

Joey Hale

Chase Murray

Hunter Adams

Ryan Jacobs

Atticus Tesch

Grace Welch

Abby Hale

HS Band

Stephanie Hale

Caitlin Marshall

Others TBA

Junior Jocks & Cheer Squad

Hope Sexton

Andi Jones

Fern McConnell

Keira Jonea

Caleb Sexton

Brooklyn Bonanno

Anabelle Wadner

Quinn Wadner

Olivia Stevens

Henry Wadner

Lily Marshall

Dex Jones

Amelia Welch

Claire Welch


Connor Califf

Gary Bottger

Mark Howell

Cherise Wadner

Laura Califf

Caitlin Marshall

Maureen O'brien

Shelby Kealiher

Sabrina Rasmussen

Madeline Hale

Other Parents TBA