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James and the Giant Peach Jr. Cast List

James Trotter: Lily Troutman


Ladahlord: Maddie Nordtvedt


Spiker: Ione Flynn


Sponge: Olivia Sturm


Grasshopper: Ryan Jacobs

Centipede: Chase Murray


Ladybug: Siaira Anderson


Spider: Madeline Breiling


Earthworm: Anna Buckley


Mr. Trotter: Ryan Jacobs


Mrs. Trotter: Siaira Anderson


Karl Kreatour: Elizabeth Zurbrick


Matron Nurse: Hannah-Kate Sheehy


Billy Bobby-Cop: Henry Wadner


Bobby Bobby-Cop: Ethan Zurbrick


Doreen Driggles: Ella Thompson


Ridgley Rapscallian: Marilla Holton


Violet Funkschmeller: Maddie Landa


Buzz: Abi Roulet


Chris Cryermouth: Grace Wadsworth


Passing Man: Razi Jacobson


Man with Wallet: Charlie Califf


Passing Woman: Kaiya Mesubed


Ensemble: Kaiya Mesubed, Razi Jacobson, Charlie Califf, Abby Foust, Megan Duffy, Rose Gray, Keira Jones, Grace Wadsworth, Andi Jones, Abi Roulet, Maddie Landa, Marilla Holton, Ella Thompson, Ethan Zurbrick, Henry Wadner, Elizabeth Zurbrick, Hannah-Kate Sheehy, Moss Morris

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