"Matilda" Auditions for roles
      played by children & teens.

                                 (The adult roles & Matilda have already been cast)


WHEN: Friday, December 20, 2019, 
WHAT TIME: 6:30 to 8:30 

WHAT TO BRING: You will be asked to sing the first portion of "When I Grow Up." Please see the lyrics and find the music tracks below. We will be asking you to list any activities that will conflict with our rehearsal schedule. 

WHERE: Elgin Opera House. 

Performance Dates:  Weekends, April 17th through May 9th.  Everyone is on call for a Sunday Matinee performance on May 10th (based on ticket sales) and one school/work day for school performances. 

Some music and some choreography rehearsals will begin in late January. Regular rehearsals will begin at the end of February. 

Please contact Margaret Spence with questions.

Stage Manager: Margaret Spence - 971-263-7839

Directors: Terry Hale & Caitlin Marshall

Music Director: Meegan Harp

Costume Designer: Maureen O'Brien

Choreography:  Abigail Hale


When I Grow Lyrics 

When I Grow Up Auditions
Please learn the following words for your audition.


When I grow up, I will be tall enough to reach the branches that I need to

Reach to climb the trees you get to climb when you're grown up.

And when I grow up, I will be smart enough to answer all the questions that

You need to know the answers to before you're grown up.

And when I grow up, I will eat sweets every day on the way to work and I

Will go to bed late every night.

And I will wake up when the sun comes up and I will watch cartoons until my

Eyes go square and I won't care because I'll be all grown up.


When I grow up

When I grow up, when I grow up, when I grow up, I will be strong enough to

Carry all the heavy things you have to haul around with you when you're a grown-up.

Practice tracks: When I Grow Up (Instrumental)

Practice Tracks: When I Grow Up (London Cast Recording)

Children's Roles

Michael, Bruce, Lavender, Amanda, Nigel, Eric, Alice, Hortensia, Tommy,

Teen Ensemble, Children's Ensemble

We are also in need of a small adult ensemble to play various roles. If you are interested in filling any of these roles please reach out to the stage manager. 


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