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Congratulations cast of Beauty and the Beast. We will be reaching out soon with dates for cast meetings and rehearsal dates and times. We are currently going through the conflict dates you put on your audition form to create a master schedule. Please reach out to Caitlin Marshall to accept or decline your role or to help with any questions you may have. Caitlin Marshall: Text 541-980-6501 email:

Belle  -   Carly Elder
Beast  -  Hunter Adams
Maurice -   John Hanley
Gaston -   Dutch Meerdink
Lefou  -  Taylor Scroggins
Les Filles De La Ville:    
Silly Girl 1  - Sarah Koza
Silly Girl 2   - Alicia McConnel
Silly Girl 3  -   Adelaide Tesh
Lumiere  -  Brady Morgan
Cogsworth -   Christian Quinlin
Mrs. Potts  -  Karen Taylor
Chip -   Julian Gray
Madame De La Grande Bouche  -  Stacy Shown
Babette  -  Shahayla Ononaiye
Monsieur D'arque -  Sean Butler
Narrator    TBA
Young Prince  -  Tavi Jacobson
Enchantress/Old Beggar woman    Morgan Fields
Wolves   -  Assigned from Ensemble TBA
Tavern Dancers     -  Assigned from Ensemble TBA
Tavern Tappers     -  Assigned from Ensemble TBA
Villagers/Be Our Guest/Finale Esemble:     -  Specific Assignments from Ensemble TBA
    Connor Califf
   Abi Roulet
   Emily Carman
   Ian/Zen Califf
   BJ Brown
   Josie Flick
   Austin Flick
   Ella Thompson
   Rebecca Austin
   Hunter Austin
   Ali Sudbrock
   Jane Zastrow
   Lily Troutman
   Rose Gray
   Madison Yencopal
   Jadelynn Harris
   Megan Duffy
   Maddison Landa
   Isaac Morgan
   Fern McConnell
   Ethan Zurbrick
   Leah Harris
   Anne Turner
   Theodore Smith
   Natalie Smith
   Kaylie Davis
   Cherise Hilman
   Henry Wadner
   Morgan Fields
   Lyla Davis
   Siaira Anderson
   Aiden Bork
   Ryan Jacobs
   Tavi Jacobson
   Aviana  Fields
   Oli Gorham
   Lucille Morris
   Edith Kennedy
   Paylan Hampton
   Razzi Jacobson
   Laura Califf

Tea cups  

Lily Marshall  

Londin Bates    

Savannah Austin

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