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Seussical Jr. Cast List               Cast Meeting:  Tuesday, May 8th, 6:00 pm

The Cat in the Hat:  Collin Taber
JoJo: Gracie Howell
Horton the Elephant:  Hunter Adams
Gertrude McFuzz: Cori Hines
Mayzie La Bird:  Madeline Hale
Sour Kangaroo:  Gwen Morris
Young Kangaroo:  Anna Buckley
The Wickersham Brothers:  Andrew Buckley, Ryan Jacobs, Tavi Jacobson
Mr. Mayor:  Abby Hale,
Mrs. Mayor:  Maia Vandervlugt
The Grinch:  Emily Carman
Yertle the Turtle: Joey Hale
Vlad Vladikoff:  Chris Smolkowski
Thing 1: Madi Seydel
Thing 2: Taylor Dearinger

Bird Girls:
Emily Carman
Abby Hale
Marie “Mimi” Smith
Maia Vandervlugt

Jr. Bird Girls:
Raven Bates
Lorelei “Lola” Smith

WhoVille Families
Anna Buckley                Amber George
Nathan George              Joey Hale
Abigale Roulet               Hannah-Kate Sheehy
Natalie Smith                Olivia Sturm
Ella Thompson

Core Ensemble
Raven Bates                  Amber George
Nathan George              Emily Johnson
Abigale Roulet               Hannah-Kate Sheehy
Marie “Mimi” Smith      Lorelei “Lola” Smith
Natalie Smith                Chris Smolkowski
Olivia Sturm                 Ella Thompson

Cast Meeting:  Tuesday at 6:00pm

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