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with Grant Turner
JULY 26 - 30


Day 1
Shakespeare 101 The who, what, where, and why we do Shakespeare today        

Iambic Pentameter - Learning the rules of how to speak Shakespeare


Day 2

Costumes, Props, and Set Learning about Shakespeare’s stage and how the plays were produced in the Elizabethan age and how theaters  have staged the plays throughout the years          


Rhetoric Learning the tricks to understanding Shakespeare


Day 3

Stage combat/Sword fighting, fencing, and other fighting techniques used in the plays          


Soliloquies/Speeches/Scenes Learning what is required of an actor to tell the story.

Day 4

Performance Rehearsal Hands-on work with students to prepare for the end of class performance


Performance rehearsal


Day 5

Performance rehearsal        


Performance 2 PM



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Coming Soon:

Comedy of Errors
James and the Giant Peach - Youth Theater Camp